INDEPENDENCE: Girl Shares Heartbreaking Pictures To Celebrate Independence Day

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On the 1st of October in 2021, Nigerians at home and abroad will commemorate the 61st anniversary of the country's independence as the world's most populous black nation.

The day is celebrated in a variety of ways; some Nigerians prefer to dress in green and white apparel, which depicts the colors of the country's flag, to mark the occasion.

In addition, several Nigerians have been posting on their social media accounts about their desire for independence. As a result, it shouldn't come as a surprise that a young lady opted to commemorate Nigeria's 61st birthday from a different perspective.

On this important day, a Nigerian lady named Ella Ada posted some tragic images on his Instagram account to commemorate her country's independence.

She also included a statement with the photographs, urging Nigerian officials to work toward a more just and prosperous country.

"Happy 61st independent anniversary," she stated in her message.

She went on to say, "What exactly are we commemorating? Is it that we are enjoying the Good Road, or that we are celebrating the Hunger?

"You tell us that we are the giants of Africa, but we, the citizens, are starving to death every day. After their service in Nigeria, the Corpers are out of work. We require a country in which everyone will enjoy equal rights and opportunities.

"We urgently require a Good Nigeria, in which everyone would enjoy good hospitality, quality education, human rights, and unrestricted employment opportunities. REJECT THE KILLING OF NIGERIANS, AND "She came to a conclusion.


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