Driver rams into police man on duty, while trying to evade LASTMA arrest


The video showing a man on blue shirt, driving a Toyota Highlander, has surfaced on the internet. The man was seen in the video to have reversed awkwardly, thereby hitting a policeman on duty behind him. And the policeman was shown to have fell from the bridge into the stream below the bridge.

The driver, a plumb tall man on blue shirt was driving down the bridge. He seems he had a row with a LASTMA official on duty who was trying to pull open the car door forcefully and while the driver, in his attempt at evading the LASTMA official had reversed and rammed the policeman, that the policeman was flung over the bridge.

The man after mistakenly hitting the policeman came down from the car and started pleading, saying it wasn't international. But his pleas fell on deaf ears as the video shows the LASTMA official taking him away while he continues to plead.

Though what had transpired between the man and the LASTMA official that made him hell bent on getting the man down from the car that the man had to mistakenly ram into the policeman was unknown but the policeman was later shown to be alive but he is suggestible that he would have sustained some injuries.

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