Here's Why Young Ladies Prefer Older Men To Young Men.


These days, it is now a common trend for young ladies to date and even get married to men way senior to them.

As a matter of fact, these young ladies seem to enjoy being with this older men, much to the dismay of men of the younger generation.

Here Are Some Perfect Reasons Why Young Ladies, Prefer Older Men To The Younger Men:

1. Maturity: As a matter of fact, girls mature way faster than men of their age, hence, these young ladies, would naturally gravitate towards men who think on the same 'frequency' as them. For many of these young girls, their fellow young men are not mature men.

2. Stability: At a particular age in life, girls desire to settle down, while men of their age are still struggling to get their life right.

3. Tolerance: Being way older, the man has learnt not to take everything a woman says too seriously, hence, the young lady enjoys that her older man doesn't take life too seriously and he is more tolerant.

4. Generosity: Men of the older generation, know how to spoil their women really good, hence, most young girls would easily fall for such men.

5. Less Drama: Older men, have less tendency to be dramatic in a relationship and as such, any young lady seeking peace of mind in a relationship, might as well, choose to date and even marry an older man.