4 important things Apostle Selman said about wealth as he preached on Power to get wealth

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Many things have been said about wealth and wealth creation. Almost every grown up person want to be successful and become wealthy in his or her profession. However, people do different things to be wealthy and become known in the society.

Apostle Joshua Selman in his recent message at his Gospel Fellowship, explained important things people should know about wealth.

Apostle Joshua Selman is the founder and senior Pastor of Eternity Network International (ENI) and convener of Koinonia (a weekly gospel fellowship programme).

Speaking the Koinonia programme at his Church headquarters, Apostle Joshua Selman explained four important things people should be aware of concerning wealth.

According to Church Gist, Apostle Selman stated these when he preached on the message titled: 'The Power To Get Wealth'. He told his congregation that money is a mechanism given to man by God to redeem time. The convener of 'Koinonia' also told his congregation that God gave wealth to human being to prove our love for Him.

In this article, we will look at four things that was explained by Apostle Joshua Selman during his teaching on the message titled: "power to get wealth."

1. "Money Is A Mechanism That Helps Us To Redeem Time":

The respected Pastor told his congregation that money is a mechanism that help us to redeem time and serve God effectively. He said wealth is not given to man to be proud but to use it to serve God and propagate the Kingdom of God.

2. "All Blessings Come From God, Through Men To Men":

The next important point he explained during his preaching is that, wealth is a blessing that come from God through men to men. He said God knew that men will have needs hence, He made provision for blessings to humanity.

3. "We Do Not Own Things, We Are Only Stewards":

Apostle Joshua Selman also said that human beings are just stewards of blessings of God and one day, we will leave the blessings behind. He advised his congregation to make positive use of anything God has given to them and never misuse any opportunity to serve with the blessings of God in their lives.

4. "Wealth And Abundance In This Kingdom Is Not An Achievement; It Is A Trust From God":

Lastly, Apostle Selman in the Kingdom of God, "wealth and abundance" are not achievement but a trust from God to know our faithfulness to material things.

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