Uhuru's Staunch Ally Dismisses Muturi's Coronation, Reveals The People Behind it


Hours after the installation of the speaker of the National Assembly Justin Muturi as Mount Kenya spokesperson, by the Njuri Nceke Council of Elders in an elaborate event attended elders and leaders from Mt Kenya region, president Uhuru Kenyatta's staunch has has dismissed his installation.

According to the news presented by the Star, Uhuru's staunch ally Maina kamanda has dismissed Justin Muturi's Coronation,where he insisted that Uhuru is the regions kingpin.

"When we were in Sagana we agreed that President Uhuru is our spokesman and kingpin and as long as he is alive nobody else can be anointed," Kamanda told the Star.

Maina kamanda accused deputy president William Ruto to the person behind it. Kamanda went on and said that their are people who are used by the second in command to undermine president Uhuru Kenyatta in his backyard.

Do you think that Justin Muturi's Coronation is part of the elaborate process to prepare Muturi to succeed president Uhuru Kenyatta in 2022,feel free to leave your comment below.

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