Just In: Grisly Accident In Nakuru-Nairobi Highway


Highway traffic has been paralyzed on Nakuru-Nairobi highway after a fatal accident between a Toyota vehicle and a Canter as several people have been left with injuries. However, four people died on the spot while those who have badly injured have been rushed to Nakuru level five hospital. Traffic Police officers have visited the scene and they are trying to control the traffic on the highway. They have confirmed the incident and declared that the accident happened due to careless driving.

Eyewitnesses have revealed that the Toyota vehicle was heading to Nairobi at a high speed and the driver tried to overtake one of the Lorry before the head-on collision happened. Traffic Police officers have warned all the drivers that they should be careful while driving to avoid such cases of accident. They declared that they will not allow any driver to operate on the road without a driving licensed so that they avoid accidents on the road.

KIMUTAI kenya_public@operanewshub.com

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