Pastor at Bushiri's church was shot dead while praying at the mountains

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Apostle Erik Bhuka was shot dead while praying at the mountains

Shepherd Bushiri was left into pain after losing one of his pastor's of whom he shared prayers with.The most devastating part was that, he lost one of his pastor's who they prayed together at his church in a gun shooting.This has left him in broken pieces.

In the recent news reported by the south african news, it was reported that Apostle Erik Bhuka who was a pastor at Shepherd Bushiri's church was shot dead in South Africa.The incident happened during the prayer at the mountains.Apostle Erik Bhuka was shot while praying at the mountains.

Shepherd Bushiri, the leader of Enlightened Christian Gathering church has confirmed the news on his facebook page.

He poured out his deepest sadness message in his facebook page:

" I am greatly pained and grieved to learn of the tragic shooting to death of Apostle Erik Bhuka, one of our ECG pastor's in South Africa, he wrote".

As painful as it is, Bushiri was troubled by the way Apostle Erik Bhuka lost his life.

" What's even troubling is that our Apostle Erik Bhuka was shot dead at the prayer mountains, where he went to pray, preparing for the Great Entrance this sunday, he added."

Bushiri poured out his heart talking about celebrating the late Apostle Erik Bhuka, and he also shared the most good things that Apostle Erik Bhuka has done in his life.

" I celebrate you, Apostle Erik.You came, you preached, you won the souls and at your journey's end."

" You have gone back to where we will all return after finishing the mission of preaching Jesus Christ, he wrote."

Bushiri has never had a great year in 2021, he lost his daughter, and now he will have to deal with another painful loss of one of his pastor's whom he prayed with at his church.

Source:the south african news

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