Dennis Itumbi Reveals What The President And Mukhisa Talked In Their Coversation


Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi is a Kenyan politician who served as a secretary general of the united nation on Trade and development.

Dennis Itumbi is a Kenyan author and also a hustler nation spokesman.

Today 24th March 2021 Dennis Itumbi on his verified Twitter account revealed whatever the president and Mukhisa did talk in their conversation.

According to his tweet the president met with Mukhisa and on their conversation they talked about having Mukhisa as a part of the party leader panel.

Photo (Uhuru And Mukhisa)

According to Itumbi the move will be on effect after the completion of of the registration of his party on fortnight.

Here is his tweet. "On Saturday The President met Mukhisa and part of their conversation was to have him on the party leaders panel.

That move was to be effected as Mukhisa awaited the completion of the registration his party in a fortnight."

Below is a screenshot of the same.

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