"Ladies Man" - 3 Clueless And Boring Text Messages Most Guys Send To Women

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Chatting with a woman and getting her connected to you might seems to be a bit easy since you don't see her physical. Yes, that's true but it would depend on how much you frame up your conversation with her. I've come to notice that most guys feels very okay when chatting with the woman on phone but later feels nervous when he sees her physical. The kind of emotions and feelings you using to chat her, that should be demonstrated when you meet her.

You can quickly make a woman to fall in love with you easily but only few guys are able to recognize it. You don't have to see her physically before you propose. Chatting her on phone will. There are some clueless and boring questions guys ask women that shouldn't be named among a newbie in the game.

Here are 3 boring questions you should not ask a woman over text.

1. What's Up?

This can be one of the most boring text you would ever receive from a guy. Alpha males do send such messages but not occasionally. When trying to impress a woman, endeavor to go straight to the point and stand by your words but beating about the bush. Indeed, most guys have zero clue has to make a woman fall in love with them.

2. How Was Your Weekend?

I've been a victim of such circumstance and I can tell how awful it is. Don't ever ask a lady how was your weekend instead try propose something new for the weekend. Normally, the only answer most women give to guys is "it was cool" and after such answer, everything ceases. Broaden your horizon of trying to impress women by reading more romantic books which would help tour dating game.

3. What Are You Doing?

I've done a critical analysis and seen that most guys fall into this category. Women on the other hand receives this kind of message from countless guys who are trying to make her fall in love do if you chat as such, you can't definitely impress her. Also if you change your dynamics of making her fall over text, you count yourself a winner.

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