Former Nairobi Governor Spotted Engaging in Manual Labor


A video of former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko working on handicrafts and construction workers has sparked controversy online.

The former governor has made a name for himself since he was charged with several counts in early February.

In the video, Sonko is seen shoveling sand with a shovel into a wagon while staff members watch.

A controversial politician known for living a luxurious life is also seen using his hands to assist in construction.

The video also shows some employees enjoying his company as they sing with one voice as Sonko goes through the motions as a regular citizen.

A section of the Kenyan people responded by congratulating the former governor and said it was good that he now heard what ordinary Kenyans face every day.

However, some social media users have criticized his action, saying he deserves to be one of the temporary workers working on the construction site.