South Africa Soapies you watch and what they say about who you are

According to South Africa Soapies psychic. She said she can tell why we watch the soapies. Please let me know in the comment section, your thoughts about her predictions:

7de Laan

: you do not own DSTV

: you're an afrikaan student/lover/speaker

: you miss Oom Oubaas

: happy go, lucky person

: you do not like change

: you were obsessed with Vetkoek Paleis in the '90s


: you're an isi Zulu lover/learner/speaker

: you do not mind violence

: you are a traditionalist

: you're a polygamist advocate

: you love Skhaleni

: you are dramatic

The River

: you're a cheerleader for underdogs

: you are picky

: you hate Generation The Legacy

: you are rich/moneyed 'DSTV '

: you do not mind change

: Lindiwe is your alter ego

: you are complicated

: you are competitive

Generation The Legacy

: you are a forgiving person

: you are a student

: you do not own DSTV

: you have nothing else to watch

: you wish Mfundi Vundla unwell

Rhythm City

: you are ghetto fabulous

: you love soul food

: you love drama and change

: you hate the SABC and can't afford DSTV

Skeem Saam

: you are Pedi lover/learner/speaker

: you are a born free at heart or a born free

: you are a believer or maybe justin believer

: you believe in second chances

: you hope Skeem Saam will get 8pm slot

: you have nothing to watch at 18:30


: you are a Venda/Zulu/Pedi/Sotho/Tswana lover/learner or speaker

: you do not mind polygamy

: you are political

: you are traditional

: you attract drama

: you are picky

: you're a late sleeper and early riser


: you believe in good script and have high expectations

: you're taking a break from SABC

: you have nothing to watch at 19:30

: you are not picky but do not mind a bit of drama

The Queen

: you hate the Ferguson's

: you are tired of Muvhango

: you are intense

: you can not afford to upgrade your DSTV