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Lady's bum is so large she can't wear pants - because of sad 'goods hole'

TikToker Mariah said she was unable to wear pants on account of her huge behind - and she took a stab at various strategies to fix it yet it actually left her with a gigantic hole at the back

A lady has shared how her normal body has made her unfortunate in tracking down an ideal sets of pants .

Mariah posted a video on TikTok and showed a "thick young lady's concern" when she spruced up to go out.

She said: "One justification for why having a major butt isn't all that."

She puts on an indigo Levis, which is by all accounts sitting pleasantly on her midsection and around her thighs, yet as she pivots, the pants leaves an enormous hole at the back.

The TikToker takes a gander at the camera and pulls the belt before she goes sideways to show what she calls an "a** hole".

Watchers responded to her video and recommended various ways of fixing the closet issue.

One said: "Utilize a shoestring and put it through the belt opening and tie it. It will fix the back and you don't need to loosen it when you utilize the restroom!"

One more stated: "Bubble them for 30 minutes and afterward pop them in the dryer."

Many recommended an easier arrangement - utilize a belt.

Mariah checked it out and showed her watchers assuming that a belt will do something amazing.

"I even wore shorts under to make the pants more tight," she says while sliding a white belt through the circles on the pants.

"I put the belt on and uh, it was not it. It just left it all brittle.

"In no way, shape or form, no, so I will attempt another - the button through the opening as some of you said."

She flips the pants button through the principal waist band, then, at that point, secures it like typical.

"Eww look how huge and hole ish the front is," she griped. "I'm about to resign it."

Mariah said the pants that fit her the best are from Fashion Nova yet she likes to "stick to tights generally".

Sources Woman's bum so big it leaves her a 'booty gap' in jeans - Daily Star

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