Key Highlights of Kenya Kwanza's Manifesto

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The Kenya Kwanza Alliance launched its Manifesto on Thursday, 20 July in an auspicious event at the Kasarani National Stadium. The event was attended by the Kenya Kwanza principals, top ranking politicians and supporters of the political outfit.

The Manifesto is as a result of months of consultations in the county economic forums where Kenya Kwanza engaged close to 95,000 Kenyans. Kenya Kwanza also met with special interest groups such as the youth, women and people living with disabilities.

On Agriculture, Kenya Kwanza promises to offer capital to farmers and subsidize fertilizer. In the Health sector, Kenya Kwanza promises a fully financed healthcare that will be affordable to all. A national fund will also be established for chronic illnesses such as cancer. NHIF will provide cover for the health insurance.

In the education sector, Kenya Kwanza intends to review the current exam-based system and come up with a more competent system. Inservice teacher training will also be paid for by the government. On Housing and Settlement, Kenya Kwanza intends to establish a settlement fund that will help provide cheap housing for poor Kenyans.

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