"You Too Have Been Given An Assignment To Hustle?" Netizen React To Kieleweke's MP Message


Last week, Bomet East MP Joyce Korir who is one of Ruto's Allies met with KANU party leader Gideon Moi despite the fact that Gideon Moi and William Ruto are great critics as far as politics is concerned.

The meeting raised eyebrows among kenyans and especially from TangaTanga supporters. Many thought that maybe she's planning to ditch Ruto and join the newly formed party, One Kenya Alliance.

But a vocal kieleweke MP from Riftvalley has revealed the secrecy behind the meeting. According to Sotik MP, Dominic Koskei, Ruto's wing is currently broke and they have been given a duty to hustle for campaigns money and that's the reason Hon Joyce Korir met With Gideon Moi. "TangaTanga brigade are now pretending to be in sabbatical leave but deep down we are aware they have depleted money." Dominic said."Everyone has been given an assignment to hustle no matter hardship." He added. His post has sparked different questions and reactions keeping in mind that he was also Ruto's supporter before he changed mind. "So you too have been given assignment to hustle?" Koech asked.

If Koskei allegations are true, does it means that he's also carrying out an assignment? Leave your comment.

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