Stop Feeding Your Dogs These Foods, It's Killing Them

As a dog owner, it is crucial to give your dog healthy food. But these foods should be avoided in your quest for the perfect food to feed your dog:

1. Avocadoes: Feeding your dog avocadoes or products containing avocadoes is a big no- no. Avocadoes contain a toxin called persin. Persin is completely harmless to a human, but it can wreak serious havoc on your dog' s lungs and chest area. Avocadoes cause fluid buildup in the lungs which prevent the dog from being able to breathe. This can lead to oxygen deprivation and eventual death. Keep your dog away from all parts of avocadoes: the fruit, the tree bark, the leaves and the seed.

2. Chocolates: Chocolate contains chemicals that are hard for a dog' s system to metabolise. It can cause them to develop diarrhoea, stomach pain and vomiting. Although the effects of the chocolate depends on the size of your dog and the amount of chocolates consumed, eating as little as 20mg can damage your dog' s intestinal tract. Side effects also include internal bleeding, heart attack, seizures and ultimately death.

3. Raisins And Grapes: In short, never feed your dog raisins or grapes. Even a few pieces can cause rapid kidney failure. If your dog accidentally ate grapes or raisins, watch out for alarming signs like vomiting, diarrhoea, dehydration and very little urine.

4. Sweet Candies, Toothpaste And Chewing Gum: All of these stuff contain a type of alcohol that are harmless to humans but lethal to dogs. After consumption, you will notice a drop in the blood sugar level of your dog within thirty minutes. It can also cause seizures, vomiting, liver damage, coma and eventually death, if it is not treated immediately.

5. Caffeine: Any drink containing even a hint of caffeine should be avoided. We all know what caffeine does to a human. Now imagine what it will do to a very active dog. Caffeine makes the dog' s heart to beat abnormally fast. Other symptoms including vomiting, lack of bladder control and abnormal hyperactivity.

Human food that you can feed your dog include:

1. Carrots

2. Apples

3. Dairy Products (Cheese, milk)

4. Chicken

5. White Rice

6. Peanut Butter