Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma pays a heavy price for being a Zuma


The Cogta minister has been attacked on different social media platforms lately to such an extent that she was compared to a chimpanzee which was very unfair because all she did was to carry out duties which demanded a clear vision to fight a rapid spreading of the Covid 19 pandemic and that compelled her to extend the banings of the Alcohol and tobacco products sales

For her being a Zuma has seen some some South Africans misjudging the good work she is doing for the entire nation because cigarette smokers have a tendency of sharing the smoke especially when under the influence of alcohol it very difficult to avoid the habit of sharing the smoke

As we speak she may loose her position in the current cabinet if judge Davis makes the announcement against the regulations implented to curb the disease .For her being a Zuma has brought a lot of anxiety if indeed she deserved to be a minister of such a demanding portfolio under these trying times the country is facing health wise

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