TikTok Cupcake, Hot Photos Of Azziad Naisenya Flaunting Her Petite Body In Booty Shorts And Dresses

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Azziad Nasenya is a Kenyan media personality cum dancer who rose to fame after she flooded social media with her charming dance moves.

She is popularly known as Kenya's Tik Tok Queen. Ever since she came to limelight has been posting various photos and videos on her social media accounts, that are leaving many men salivating for the young lady.

She is among the most followed on Tik Tok and also has a massive following on Twitter and Instagram. She is one of the most trending celebrities in Kenya.

Unlike many social media stars of today who enjoy their 15 minutes of fame and then fade into oblivion, Azziad’s career has soared even higher as her brand has grown immensely.

The petite city queen has been seen endorsing quiet a number of top brands as well as doing adverts for high end beauty and tech products what, according to sources, earns her huge chunks of cash every month.

Aside from her fame and popularity , the lovely lady is blessed with beautiful face and a charming smile, probably that why she has been leaving men high and dry despite them having girlfriends and wives.

Talking of fashion she is a master in that. She knows how to dress up to kill. Her dressing style is very interesting as she enjoys short and tight outfits, mostly disclosing most parts of her body.

The TikTok sensation has gone beyond flashing her sexy slim waist to flaunting her gorgeous body. She floods her social media pages with her hot photos rocking in different outfits and flaunting her gorgeous physique.

Take a look at some hot photos of her showing off her gorgeous physique in booty shorts and dresses.

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