why the Kenyan government should legalize bhang(opinion)


Bhang was first used in china by psychoactive gents. It is a powerful medication for arthritis, gout, malaria, absentmindedness among other benefits. Over the years bhang use for medicinal purposes has spread to other countries however when people started using it for recreational purposes it was classified as a drug. 

It still can be used medically to control diseases like;

Prevents cancer cells from spreading

Research by medical experts has shown that cannabis has the ability to stop cancer by turning off a gene Id-1 that is responsible for the growth of cancer cells. 

Relieve arthritis

Cannabis reduces pain by improving sleep in people with rheumatology arthritis. It also reduces Inflammation in people suffering from the same.

Regulates epileptic attack

THC a component of cannabis controls epileptic seizures by linking brain cells responsible for controlling emotionality and relaxation.

Decrease anxiety

Small doses of cannabis reduces anxiety by improving the smoker’s mood.

Assists in reversing carcinogen effects of tobacco

People who smoke tobacco over time end up having problems with their lungs however if bhang is used their lung capacity increases thus having improved lung functions.

Increases appetite

Cancer patients undergoing chemo therapy often experience severe pain, vomiting and loss of appetite. Bhang can reduce this side effects by increasing appetite and reducing pain.

Protect the brain after stroke

Bhang has shown to protect the brain from concussions and also reduce the size of area affected by a stroke.

Helps in curbing PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder has affected lots of people and bhang can be used to help these people as it controls the system that causes fear and anxiety.

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