Enough Is Enough: Parliament Must Hear Of This- School Caterers Declare

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Confusion hit the main office of the School Feeding Programme as most of the workers under this program stormed there. Obviously, the women stormed there because of complaints of delay in payment or in actual fact, non-payment of salaries for close to two years in some cases. Realizing that the Secretariat or head of the Programme were not willing to pay or heed to their cries, they began shouting that they are going to head to the Parliament.

They made it clear that the Parliament must hear of the injustice which is being meted out to them. The funny aspect of this is that some of the women present there were clothed in NPP colors for unknown reasons. Maybe, they wore the dress to remind the government and the heads of the program that it was because of their (caterers) votes that is why the New Patriotic Party came to power.

As such, they must be remembered.

Watch video.

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