I Stand With Pantami — PMB Speaks On Calls For Pantami To Resign Over Alleged Links With Terrorists


The allegation against the performing Minister of Communication and Digital Economy, Dr Isa Pantami has finally received response from his boss, president Muhammad Buhari.

Since the minister was linked with his old statements which allegedly supported terrorists organizations such as Al-Qaeda and Taliban in his radical days of preaching in mosques in the northern Nigeria, a lot of Nigerians have called for his resignation as Minister, heading the ministry.

In the past days, many persons have expressed displeasure over the silence of the president since he returned to the country from his routine medical checking in the UK. To many of these persons, the silent from the presidency is not helping matters any longer.

However, the president has finally spoken over the allegation. He has made his stand known to Nigerians through his spoke Person, Garbal Shehu. According to Daily Post Nigeria on their Facebook handle, President Buhari did not only express his administration's decision to stand by the minister, but also warned Nigerians over their usual ways of criminalizing their leaders at all stages of leadership.

He said, some Nigerians have made it a habit to attach religious, political, and other forms of leaders in the country. The president also said that, people's past should not be used to judge them in their presents.

He sighted the comment alleged made by Dr Isa Pantami as something that happened some years ago (early 2000s). Buhari also states in the statement that, since Pantami who will soon clock his 50 years of age has apologized for what he's said/preached while in his 20s, no one should call for his resignation again.

Buhari listed the contribution of the minister to the country's growth since he assumed the office two years ago to include, the unprecedented contribution of the ministry to the country's GDP which helped greatly in pulling the country out of the recent recession, constant monitoring of data cost in favor of Nigerians, the deregistration of SIM cards suspected to be owner by some criminal elements in the country among other things.

The president assured the minister of his administration's continuous support for him and his ministry. My administration will stand by you, Buhari told Dr Isa Pantami in the statement as made public by Garbal Shehu.


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