Dramatic Scene In Siaya After In-laws Gang-Up And Evict A Widow


Winnie Atieno Otieno landed into misfortune after her in-laws evicted her from her matrimonial home at Pap - Boro Village, in Siaya County by virtue of her failing to give birth to a boy child.

According to reports privy to the account, the widow whose husband died 9 years ago, was left with nothing after her 2 acres land was forcibly grabbed and sold by her inlaws leaving her with only a pit latrine and a house to own.

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The mother of 3 further divulged that misfortune embarked on her immediately she stopped helping their mother-in-law both financialy and in other daily chores to an extent of her being accused of setting her mother in law's house on fire.

This came after Winnie got a stroke and couldn't do anything apart from sleeping while undergoing treatment.

However, Atieno calls for Government intervention after her frequent attempts to seek justice through her Area Chief bored no fruits.

What do you think about windows under such conditions?


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