I fixed myself too- young hardworking nurse writes ironically after a frustrating experience


A young lady suspected to be a nurse has caught the attention of several social media users after sharing some disturbing photos of herself, partly covered mud.

Obviously frustrated after getting her white attire messed up, she took to her Facebook page and wrote:

"On my way to deliver an emergency health service. Mission accomplished but because the road was fixed, I fixed myself too".

Ironical as this may sound, it is the exact reflection of what many Ghanaians go through on daily basis. Judging from the pictures shared on Facebook, it appears she fell off the motorbike which was carrying her as the rider maneuver his way through the dilapidated road. It is an uncontestable fact that more roads needs fixing.

Road infrastructure remains one of the biggest challenges facing Ghanaians. The problem become even worse during this time of the year, when heavy downpours become the order of the day across the country.

From urban to rural areas, many people become frustrated during the raining season. In rural areas in particular, transporting farm products to the nearest market becomes a herculean task. Mobile health workers also find it difficult in reaching their clients/patients.

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