My Baby Papa Denies Me Access To My Daughter- Woman Cries Out To Human Rights (Video)


The president of Human Rights Defenders And Access to Justice advocate centeral limosho branch in Lagos Mrs. Olushola is wading into a case of child access denial. Mrs Folake is based in Cairo in Egypt. She reported this case against Mr. Toye Joseph who is based in Nigeria. 

President of Human Rights organization interviewed the parties through a phone call and they both explained what happened.

During the interview the ex-wife who is also a business a woman explained that her baby papa was beating and molesting her when she was in Nigeria that any time she had a business problem her ex-husband or baby papa will drive her out. Later when she started doing well in her business he will come back to her and started begging her to come back. That has been his habit till when a friend connected her to Egypt.

 When she traveled to Egypt she ddn't speak with her daughter any time she wanted but only spoke with her daughter once in a month when she wanted to give her daughter money. 

One day he demanded 500,000 during the time her daughter was in primary school one that he wanted to put their daughter in school. She told him that she can't afford such amount of money, he said if she can't afford the money that she should try and do something. She also told him that she doesn't have money he started to quarrel her. So after that one he demanded 1.5M naria from her to use the money and buy power bike for her daughter and if she did not raise such amount of the money that she will not talk to her daughter again. She said she doesn't not have a car and a house to talk more of buying a power bike and he said if he cannot raise such amount of money that she should stop talking to her child. 

 The man said that the lady should remarry him butt she disagreed to re-marry him and gave reasons why she will not. She explained that the man used to beat her up during the time he was living with him. Any time he beat her she will be hospitalised. He normally aboundoned her anytime she has problem especially in her business and after some months when he sees that she is doing well in her business he will come back and started asking for forgiveness.

 Since then that is 12th December 2018 after she sent 50,000 for him to get Christmas things for her daughter till now she has no access to her daughter.