Moses Wetangula to Luhya: Accepting That We Are Poor Is What Earns Us Much Respect In Kenya

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Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula has told his people in Bungoma County that being poor and accepting their status has made other tribes respect them so much.

According to Wetangula, the Bukusu people are people who are known for accepting their situations, whether poor or very poor.

He noted that the main reason he respects the Bukusu is their assertiveness in life and not accepting being advised against their wishes.

He said a Bukusu can be going hungry in his house, walking barefoot, walking in clothes that are torn to shreds, but regardless of all these, he/s will not accept to be advised against his will or looked upon in any way.

"You get our people in torn clothes, going nights without food, walking without shoes, but he or she will tell I don't lack anything, I have a wife/husband and a family, I do not eat at your home, let me be," he said after loose translation from Bukusu.

Wetangula said such rare stands by the Bukusu people have made them respected nationally.

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