"2022 Elections Will Be Done In The Boardroom Then Agreement Presented To Kenyans" Mt. Kenya MP


As 2022 general elections draw nearer, and as politicians prepare to vie for various seats, there are fears that there could be an extension of Uhuru's term through the building bridges Initiative, some also fear that the Covid-19 pandemic will interfere with these elections.

As opinions, predictions and arguements continue being given by different Political pundits over the current situation, The vocal Ndaragwa member of parliament, Hon.Jeremiah Kioni, has claimed that there could be no formal elections as have been in the past, he argued that top political leaders will use a different method to agree on who will become the next president.

"Unlike in previous elections, this election shall be done in a boardroom. Whatever agreement that will result is what shall be announced to the media and Kenyans" Said Hon. Kioni.

Kioni has argued that the building bridges Initiative will last beyond 2022 and could be used to agree on the next government.

The Ndaragwa lawmaker has also argued that the upcoming elections will be totally different from the previous ones, he has stated that in as much as politicians struggle to form alliances it will be hard for normal Campaigns to resume in the country, this he believes will necessitate the boardroom elections. https://www.facebook.com/960549524105124/posts/1909216152571785/

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