The satanic church wants to protect the identities of its congregation


The satanic members want to protest the identities of its congregation, they said they also have rights to worship who ao ever they want to worship ,satanic promised to protect their members and they said are free to gether for satan's bible study and satanic weddings.

Members of public who are not members of the satanic church will not permitted to join the satanic church to protect their personalities on tv .

So said its co-founder, Riaan Swiegelaar, on Monday night when he and fellow co-founder Adri Norton were interviewed on Open View's eNews and Sport channel.Swiegelaar said his congregation did not believe in "the devil" or "Satan".

A debate on social media flared up following the interview, despite the church having opened in Century City, Cape Town, in February.

On Tuesday night, the pair took to Facebook to "clear up misconceptions" which they had encountered online.the satanic manage to defend themselves on social media but we know that satan is existing.

Some of us we not shocked because of the news because south African they adopt everything from the United states whether is wrong or right they don't care but they always willing to be part of it .

Christian don't be afraid Jesus overcome the world on the cross of Calvary continue to pray God is faithful .