Before The Rising Of The Sun This Thursday Morning, Pray These Powerful Prayers Over Your Life


Our Most gracious God our Father, external rock eternal ages, our ancient of days, omniscient, omnipotent, the one who divided the Red Sea we bow before your throne this precious morning, you have made us see, and we thank you for giving us a goodnight sleep and waking us up this day, we thank you for your guidance and protection, for supplying all our needs and for all You've set to do for us today and beyond in Jesus Mighty Name, we have given thanks. Amen.

Dear Lord, you're our merciful father, this morning we asked that you have mercy on us and forgive us our sons so our way will be open this day and beyond in Jesus Mighty Name we prayed Amen.

Father this morning the 25th of February 2021 we ask that you help fight every unseen battle and lead us through the path of righteousness and help us to succeed in whatever we lay our hand to do today in Jesus Mighty Name Amen

Dear God, without you helping us we can't help ourselves today and grant us wisdom to handle the affairs of our lives with your love, help us to be always strong in the prayer altar and to prevail whenever we come before your throne of Grace in Jesus Mighty Name we have prayed Amen.

Dear Lord everlasting father, you are Shepard and we should never want, father we ask and help us provide our daily read and fight against every power that wants to hinder our progress in life and cause us to prevail today and beyond in Jesus Mighty Name Amen.

Fathe, divinely see us through as we go out to our work and business places and help us to come back home with your blessings that maketh rich and added no sorrow to it, in Jesus Mighty Name we prayed Amen.

We cover ourselves with the precious blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Our ministering angels take charge of all our activities for today and beyond and slay any marluda that tries come our way in Jesus Mighty Name we prayed Amen.

Let appreciate God as we TYPE, Father, thank you for always answering our prayers in Jesus Mighty Name Amen. Like, SHARE and FOLLOW for more divine interssessory prayers.

Have a blessed day ahead champions.☺️