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7de Laan's Ivy has surely caused some show recently, with her neglect seeming like its declining. 

Subsequent to returning home to an overwhelmed kitchen because of a tap that had been left open, Marvin was at first extremely distraught at Ivy, actually resentful with regards to her squandering their cash on a market that didn't happen as well. 

Be that as it may, he was concerned and inquired as to whether he had seen any distinctions in Ivy's conduct, which made Romeo become dubious. 

Marvin consoling Ivy 

Marvin consoling Ivy. Picture: Supplied 

In the series, Ivy began recording her recollections to prevent her from disregarding them. She described specific encounters with Marvin – like the shirt he wore on their first date – reassuring him. 

She later paged through an old photograph collection, helping her to remember Ouma Etta who died subsequent to battling with Alzheimer's. That caused some caution and Marvin just needed to find out if Ivy might actually be fostering a similar condition. Ivy didn't allow him to complete his sentence, however as she would have rather not face reality. 

Subsequent to becoming mixed up in a fantasy about her pregnancy with the twins, Ivy admitted to Marvin that it is possible that she has Ouma Etta's illness. 

Marvin recommended that she talks with a trained professional, however she was unable to manage the prospect of her dread becoming reality. Marvin then, at that point, went despite her good faith, looking for help from Fikani, yet as Ivy would not go into the room, Fikani's options were limited. 

7de Laan's Ivy 

Ivy. Picture: Supplied 

Does Ivy have Alzheimer's? 

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Here are the main,mild Alzheimer's side effects to pay special mind to: 

Cognitive decline 

Misguided thinking prompting terrible choices 

Loss of suddenness and feeling of drive 

The finishing of typical day by day assignments takes longer than expected 

Rehashing questions 

Inconvenience dealing with cash and covering bills 

Meandering and getting lost 

Losing things or losing them in odd spots 

Disposition and character changes 

Expanded nervousness or even hostility

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