Pirates step in for Boroka star Mosele

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Romours are that Boroka star Mosele will love to Pirates, as his departure was delayed but having now continued to impose himself with Bakgaga and now Mosele's way out has been paved.

At the age of 21 years, he was already a breadwinner at his home in Khumo where his family reside. He was also one of those who were mentioned in line with an overseas move in the past but that never happened. Mosele happens to be a breadwinner in his family he made his profession debut as a 17 years old school boy in August 2017and has left nothing to doubt about his abilities.

Goodman Mosele looks firmlyset for a transfer at the end of the season as Orlando Pirates have now opened talks for this player.

Do you think by him going to Pirates, will that help him to further up his career? Will he bring any change to the team?

The actual facts are that talks have been held between the authorities at Boroka and Pirates. Now it's just a matter of time, talks resumes then a deal could be considered.

What do you think, must he go to Pirates?

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