Foreigners Obtained The Ghana Card Lawfully ~Kenneth Agyemang Attafuah.


The Ghana Card, which was given to Ghanaians a few months ago, was recently rumored to be in the possession of Chinese galamsey operators and other foreign nationals. Individual identification is extremely important in a society when there are terrible people. In certain countries, the national identification system is extremely effective.

Kenneth Agyemang Attafuah, the Chief Executive Officer of the National Identification Authority, has confirmed that allegations of foreign nationals illegally acquiring the Ghana card are untrue and should be swept under the rug.

Mr. Attafuah said at the 5th Ghana CEO Summit in Accra that the country's legislation allows non-Ghanaians to obtain Identity Cards legally.

In his own words, this was how he explained matters.

“Foreigners are issued a cards known as the Non-Ghanaian Identity Card. The only difference is that the foreigner's card has the N2021on-Citizen identification card on it, which indicates that the individual is a foreigner and not a Ghanaian, so you can't claim they have a Ghana card. Their situation differs from that of Ghanaians, he explained.


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