Meet Kenyan Celebrities Who Are Happy With Their White Fiences


There are some Kenyan male celebrities who have married white fiences. Some are happily married and blessed children. These are;

a) Jeff Koinange

Jeff is a Citizen Television anchor who host Jk Live on every Wednesday night. He is married to a white fiencee who originate from Asia. Jeff and shaila they are blessed with one child called Jamal Mbiyu. 

b) Eric Wainaina

Eric is a patriotic Kenyan singer. Daima mkenya hitmaker married a white wife called Sheba Hirst. They got married in February 2008 and they are blessed with two children.

c)Abbas Kubbaf

Abbas is a Kenyan rapper who is love by many people. He married first to Baby Gangsta but the marriage did not work. He then find another fiance called Anna who is also a white. They are both blessed with a baby girl called Sofia.

d)Jeff Okello Alias Ninja

Jeff Okello alias Ninja is an actor in Mother in law show. He is among the main character. Ninja is married to a white wife called Katja Maria.The wife originate from Finland.


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