CAF CC: Accra Hearts Of Oak Ought To Deploy Two Things For Must-Win Game

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Focus and determination must characterize whatever strategy Accra Hearts of Oak intend to deploy from today throughout to the end of tomorrow’s game. 

The emphasis of this piece on focus and determination is borne out of news of an alleged use of Black magic or ‘juju’ by some players against new arrival Gladson Awako. It explains the former Berekum Chelsea midfielder has demanded an abrogation of his new contract, due to injury which is inflicted on him by some players. It continues that, injured Gladson Awako has gone absent without official leave (AWOL). It emerged later that Gladson Awako has rebuffed all those stories, admitting only that he was injured, sought permission for treatment. His unavailability is purely on medical grounds. 

Although it is not out of order to report about player’s injury but the timing for this particular story determines its purpose. 

It is in the public space that Accra Hearts of Oak are hosting Guinean club CI Kamsar tomorrow, hence they will need a serene atmosphere to embark on the task ahead. With 24 hours to the game, this news has the tendency to destabilize team’s camp. Questions will then have to be provided in relation to those reports, which does not auger well for team’s preparations ahead of a must-win game. 

Accra Hearts of Oak, by this, must be alerted of staying focus and determined in the last hours to the game. This ought to remind them that news of this nature will crop up for whatever reasons, but no attempt must be made to provide answers. It can linger and later be attended to. 

Gladson Awako not being part of the squad must not affect the team since he just arrived. With the exception of Benjamin Afutu Kotey, the rest of the title winning members are in pole position to start tomorrow’s game. 

New arrivals such as Enoch Asubonteng and Salim Adams could take part in the game tomorrow, but they commanding a regular spot may not come easily. 

Coach Samuel Boadu and his players know what they are chasing and for that matter, nothing must deny them deploying the tools of focus and determination. Whatever mile they have to trek to pull this off must be carried out,  since there is time for other things. 

Tomorrow’s match reveals how long they intend journeying in CAF inter club competition, but they cannot live short of the general expectations, which is, a group stage appearance. 

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