My Boyfriend Has Won 9,000 Cedis Bet But He Won't Even Give Me 50 Cedis - Lady Laments on Facebook


A girl has poured out her complaints on Facebook concerning her boyfriend. She said said that she been living with her boyfriend for years and she has even been supporting him financially.

But now that she has gotten money, he doesn't want to help her. Read her story below.

Hmmm...l don't even know where to start from..hmmm so there is this guy am dating., whenever I ask him for money he says he don't have but because I love him Soo much I have decided to endure this difficult time he is claiming he is in with him and that we will both laugh at the strom one-day... auntie so because|!» of this I give him any little money that comes in my hands to him for his upkeep...I called him this afternoon and he told me one of his brothers want to speak with I spoke with one of the brothers and he told me that I should be wild na my bf has chopped bet 9000 i asked him to send me some 50 cedis when the brother gave back the phone to him and he said he doesn't have na things r not well with him koraa....(my bf oo©).and then

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