"Negotiating With Bandits Is A Necessity" - Babajide Otitoju Speaks On Niger State Abductions


Mr. Babajide Otitoju has again commented on the series of abductions that are currently occurring in Niger State. More than 2 weeks now, the Kagara school students and teachers that were abducted are yet to be released.

On today's episode of the Journalist Hangout on Televison continental (TVC), Babajide Otitoju and his colleagues had discussed further about dialoguing with the bandits in the Northern states. Babajide said, "the idea of negotiating or dialoguing with the Bandits is an act of necessity because the government doesn't have choice. He made mentioned of him asking the Governor of Katsina, he said, "I asked the Governor of Katsina state about dialoguing with the bandits and he said it was a necessity for them, they've tried to use the Army but they keep coming back."

Though he had condemned and questioned why sheikh Gumi would be the one that will be in the front line of the negotiations. He said Gumi should release their location to the DSS and let the police do the rest of the job rather than having a dialogue with them.

Babajide said, "there are difference between terrorists and bandits".

He then explained further that, "Terrorists are always looking for a sovereign state most especially if they are Islamic fighters. He then said Bandits are just after money, they only kidnap so that they can be paid but terrorists has a wider aim which is not about money but ruling."

Babajide also opined that that the Nigerian Army should be in-charged of Boko Haram while the Police should tackle the Bandits.

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