Americans seem happy as twitch and reddit suspended Trump's accounts


(Image: grid photo of twitch Logo and Trump)

Twitch being a social media streaming service and also referred to as the world's leading live streaming platform earlier this Monday announced the suspension of president Trump's twitch channel/account for hateful speech which is against their community standards.

(Image: Reddit Logo)

Reddit also being an American social news aggregate, web content rating and discussion website which was founded on the 23rd of June 2005, also suspended Trump's Reddit account. Twitch said the suspension was as a result of "hateful conduct". "The_Donald" was suspended for frequently breaking the rules on twitch,

Some Americans on Twitter seem to be happy with the move made by these social media platforms, some even suggest twitter should do the same, and others seemed very disgusted at Trump, saying he is full of hate.

(Images: screenshot tweets)

It is truly a bad day for Trump, and if Trump continues at this point, he stands a great chance of loosing the forthcoming American presidential election. It would only take a miracle for him to win.

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