A Young Man Creates A Wallet Using A 100% Juice Box, Check It Out

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A young man creates a wallet using a Rhodes 100% fruit juice box. The young man's Twitter username is Ntsikier.

He shared a picture of the wallet he created using a 100% juice box. The young man placed cards and money into this box.

He also mentioned that he created this wallet because of the highest crime rate in South Africa. He said that this way criminals will not be able to notice that this is a wallet, they will think that it is just a box.

People said that it is risky because they would forget and throw this wallet by mistake.Some said that he is creative and he should create more and sell them to others.

See the pictures he shared below:

See how people reacted to this, on these screenshots below:

Do you think this is a good idea to confuse criminals?

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