Regional breakdown of teenager pregnancies in Ghana, see which region has the highest and the least


Teenage pregnancy has become a very alarming canker that must be given the right attention to prevent its constant problems which destroys the future of children especially females.

Girls who become pregnant at early years of their lives are often forced to dropout of school and their premature fathers ( baby’s father) often run away from their responsibilities leaving the burden onto the mother’s who are also sometimes neglected by their parents.

The Ghana health service released the regional breakdown of each of the 16 regions and their respective graphs showing how high teenage pregnancy is in their respective regions with most them being recorded in girls living in rural areas.

The Ashanti region having the highest amount of teenage pregnancies with 17802 pregnancies as of last year.

Eastern region and Central region followed closely with 10865 and 10301 respectively on the list having about a 20 percent diffidence from the ashanti region.

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