Kelvin Taylor replies stonebwoy


Social media sensation Kelvin Ekow Baidu Taylor reply stonebwoy, the dance hall artist.

Stonebwoy was not pleased with kelvin taylor about a comment he made about his family.

According to kelvin taylor, stonebwoy reject to be part of the ongoing fix the country brouhaha. Kelvin said stonebwoy should have be part of the fix the country because his fans are jobless who struggle to get a penny to attend his show.

Kevin Taylor took Stonebwoy to the cleaners for refusing to join the #fixthecountry protest on social media with claims that everything has been politicized in the country.

He went on to say that Stonebwoy sleeps with prostitutes anytime he comes to the United States of America.

This comment did not go down well with stonebwoy who said he will protect his family no matter what.

Stonebwoy said he will take all the necessary steps to protect his family.

But responding to the attacks on Accra-based Hitz FM, he noted that Kevin Taylor cannot insult him and his family just because he wants to please a politician adding that it is an indication that he is not mentally sound.