Husband And Wife Accused Headmaster Of Using Their Child For Money Rituals- Video

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Patience is the key to living in this world and hence we need to exhibit that in our lives. There are sometimes that we overreact on certain issues which supposed not to be so. Many people accuse others wrongly which eventually ended them up in prison but later on during investigation, they realize the accused person knows nothing about the crime.

According to a video on social media, a Ghanaian couple were caught on secret camera lying on the floor begging a man.

Information has it that the couple lying on the floor begging the man has allegedly accused the man who is head master to their ward for using their child for money ritual after the child did not join their school bus home.

 This made the headmaster report the case to the police to go in search of the child after the child's parents accused him of using their child for money rituals. Well, according to sources, the child has been found, but after investigation, the police have been able to prove that the headmaster knew nothing about the child going missing. This gave the headmaster a go-ahead to sue the couple for defamation since he was vindicated by the police findings.

The couple who were seen in the video begging the headmaster said they don't have money to meet him at the court so they are sorry for accusing him wrongly. If you were to be the head master would you forgive them or continue to sue them for tarnishing your image?

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