Best Dressed Celebrities in Kenya, Of all The Time and Their Handsome Photos

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Decides to choose what to wear wisely, what you wear to work can not only impact how others perceive you, it can also affect how well you perform at your job, how you perceive yourself and your abilities, and even how quickly you move up the professional ladder. I conquer that Below is a list of some of most dressed male celebraties in Kenya.

1. Jalango

Jalang'o or Jalas in short, is a Kenyan radio presenter, comedy actor, events master of ceremonies and talk show host. Jalongo is seen wearing fitting clothes.

Jalongo has been seen in different pictures and photos in different accessions and events dressed smartly and decent. This is from the look of his shave on the head to the shoes he has been performing excellently in his dressing, below are photos that can prove.

2. Otile Brown

Otile Brown is a Kenyan independent R&B singer, songwriter, guitarist and actor. Apart from professional, Otile is also known of dressing mode is luck in the fashion business, this is hot on the heels of the singer’s announcement regarding plans to launch his own clothing line.

He stated that the inspiration for a clothing line came from all the men and their girlfriends constantly in his DMs asking where he gets his clothes from. photos below shows Otile Brown in full fitting suit.

3. Frankie Just Gym It

Frankie Kiarie is a fitness instructor who is the founder of Just Gym It, which is a fitness and nutrition consultancy, fittings dressing mode of Frankie. Men do struggle with fashion, you find yourself struggling to find the right outfit with the right shoe.

Not all men do struggle, I do agree that Frankie Gym it, is an expert when it comes to grooming. His taste for fashion is very unique that when you see his picture, you want to look exactly like him even if your not hitting the gym. He knows how to dress when going for work or working out or just chilling.

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