Raila Ally Cause Stir Online After Revealing This About Ruto Following Kenyatta's Order


Homabay Town parliamentarian Peter Kaluma has raised alot of concern in the country after attacking DP William Ruto over his latest remarks on BBI. Ruto has been heard telling president Kenyatta to forget about the BBI process and focus on the big four agendas that he promised kenyans. In response Kenyatta told Ruto to stop popularizing himself using government projects that he has been criticizing.

It's out of this Kenyatta remarks that Peter Kaluma has come out to claim that William Ruto won't resign. He goes ahead to term him a coward that won't imagine getting away from power for reasons better known.Kaluma has been attacking DP Ruto in various occasions claiming that he is power thirst and corrupt hence he needs to be in power in order to hide all these. However, DP Ruto allies rubbished the claims and asked president Uhuru Kenyatta to lead by example and resign first.

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