Ejura killing: 16 year old Awal loses his right leg after he got shot by the military


Few weeks ago the people of Ejura lost loved ones as a result of a peaceful demonstration which ended into chaos. This has raised alot of questions about the country and were we are currently going. Recently we lost four people in Ejura, but the injured ones are countless and Ghanaian's can't look away at the recent issues going on in the country, this is because things seems to be getting out of hand. A 16 year old boy known as Mohammed Awal has lost his right leg after he got shot by the military/police men in Ejura. He is said to be a native of Ejura, and was shot in the process of the security service calming down the situation in Ejura.

Hajia Salamatu Mohammed is the mother of Mohammed Awal, at the hospital she wept after seeing her son with just a single leg. It took the help of media men around to calm down young Awal's mother. Mohammed Awal who is 16 years old has currently lost his dream because, of this unpleasant situation which has happened to him, after seeing his leg he burst into tears. According to the post on Facebook, he was taken in by the Komfo Anokye teaching hospital. This is because the doctor in Ejura hospital, thought of it to be a very good idea to transfer him since his situation is serious. By the grace of God he is still alive although he lost his leg, the vice-president is said to have donated some amount of money to the victim's. We hope Mohammed Awal is not forgotten but remembered as a victim in this unpleasant situation.

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