"I contracted HIV after I Slept With another man for 6hours not knowing he was HIV positive" - lady

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Doreen Muthoni has told how she slept with another man for six good hours after her husband died, but she didn't know that the man had HIV.

Doreen says that in her first marriage, she got pregnant while at college and had to drop out of school to get married. After she gave birth, her husband went crazy, and she had to leave the house. This is what she told me.

After a few years, she met another man and they got married. They moved to Mombasa, where she got pregnant again, but before she gave birth her husband died in an accident. His younger brother took her and made her his wife.

As soon as Doreen had a baby, her in-laws started to abuse her, so she ran away and started living alone with her kids. She then moved to Kiambu county.

On her trip to Kiambu, she met another person. On her first visit to his home, the man slept with her for six good hours without realising he had HIV and Aids.

A man asked her to go for a check-up after she left, but she says she's glad she wasn't sick and was treated.

For the last four years, she worked in Saudi Arabia. She is now a gospel artist, and she says that God has opened many doors for her and the woman who looked after her kids while she was away from them.

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