Connie Ferguson lookalike spotted in a club and was called a low budget Connie by twitter see pic

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Connie Ferguson lookalike spotted in a club

A Connie Ferguson lookalike was spotted in a club where a young lady had posted a picture of herself and people looked behind her and there she was Connie's lookalike.

When they looked behind the girls picture they saw Connie's lookalike and there is no need to debate about it because she looks like her.

As the tweeter street is they couldn't stop making fun and speculating that maybe Connie Ferguson has sarted attending clubs and drinks with just anyone or this could be a sibling.

Here is a picture of Connie's lookalike though tweeps felt she wasn't exactly like Connie as she wasn't washed up and didn't seem to have the same financial status and makeup as Connie.

Tweeps posted a picture of Connie Ferguson so that they could compare the two and referred to the one at the club as a low-budget Connie Ferguson.


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