No school bag challenge taken too far

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We've seen crazy and funny challenges on social media in the past. Some challenges are just harmless fun while some might break ribs and a few bones, for example the Milk crate challenge.

South African school kids started a challenge this year known as the "no school back challenge ", which sent social media into frenzy. This challenge is about taking to school certain objects to carry school stationary, except a school bag. Learners were seen on social media carrying various objects to school such as pots, laundry baskets, wheelbarrows and many other things.

This fun challenge has shown how the famous "2ks" generation is creative and fun. This challenge has made trends on social media and Mzansi has enjoyed sharing funny pictures of the challenge. One certain learner who seemed to have won the challenge according to Mzansi had actually taken a whole donkey to school. Talking about thinking outside the box, this really blew social media into laughter.

Another learner seems to have really thought outside the box as he took a baby casket to school, in participation of the "no school bag challenge". Although it seems creative but it may appear insensitive and triggering to others. The learner really took the challenge too far and some people were triggered by the picture. Check out some of the comments below.

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