Say these powerful night prayers immediately


Satan is never tired of making you sorrowful and full of reproach, they work tirelessly at Night when people are asleep. He is always like a hungry roaring lion looking for who hw may devour.

Do you want to sleep well?

But I can assure you by the grace of God if you say these prayers God can also be in control of your night as you sleep.

Say these prayers:

1. Oh Lord, my God I have come to your presence tonight am about to go to bed, destroy all the things that Satan has planned for me this night.

2. Every spirit causing you to spend your money settling hospital bills. Bringing sicknesses. It is cancelled and destroyed from your life. In the Mighty Name of Jesus. By the stripes of Jesus you are healed from threatening sickness and Diseases. Devil plans and strategy cannot come to pass because we serve a God who is able to deliver us.

3. Oh Lord let There be a turn around today, break every yoke upon my life, oh Lord burn down every Cage, and anything belonging to me.

4. Lord deliver my family, relatives and loved ones from the plans and program of the wicked one.

5. I cancel every plans and program of the Witchcraft and wizard from their kingdom or coffin, every marine spirit be destroyed in Jesus Name.

Cover the night with the Blood of Jesus. In Jesus Name. Amen.

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