Obi Cubanas Used Foreign Gold Plated Casket Worth ₦30M To Buried His Mother.


Obi Cubana the CEO of Cubana group have shown that you indeed he is a true billionaire with a well deserved burial that he have giving to his late mother, Ezinne Uche Iyiegbu passed away with the age of 78 years.

Through Obi Cubana and his charitable to his friends and business, his friends sh a Ed him love of giving him foreign plate of gold casket cost of 30 million naira to barry his mother. 

 The golden casket set to confused the sight with the brightness of the light in the room where the family have gathered and their mother has laid in the coffin.

The people of his Business Associations and the Committee of Obi Cubana has raised (27,000.000) two hundred and sixty seven million naira, and 247 cows and his love ones is still bringing more.

And some donations to the funeral.

. Sir Justin 1,000,000

. Harry (LJ resort hotel ASAba) 500,000.

. Prince uche Anazodo (champagne Vollereaux) 600,000.

. Okpala okwy 500,000

. Mighty mighty umuchu 1,000,000