More than 1 million souls died in the civil war to keep Nigeria one - Igbokwe insists on one Nigeria


Nigerians history would be incomplete without reference to the civil war fought between 1966 and 1970. The was started as a result of agitations for a sovereign country, Biafra.

Recently, agitations have started once again for the dissolution of the Nigerian state. Secessionist groups like IPOB and MASSOB have amplified the call for Biafra.

Joe Igbokwe

It is in this light that the special adviser to the Lagos State Government on drainage, Joe Igbokwe, revealed sad details of the war. According to Mr Igbokwe, more than one million souls lost their lives.

Joe Igbokwe spoke through his Facebook handle. He said; "More than one million souls lost their lives from 1996 to 1970 to keep Nigeria one as a political entity. The greatest economy, the greatest population, the greatest destination in AFRICA stands gidigbaa"

Joe Igbokwe insisted that Nigeria must remain one entity to retain our glory as the most largest black nation in the world.

His post has generated a lot of reactions. These are a few of them.