"My House Got Burnt Due To Dumsor But They Keep Lying To Us" - Joseph Yammin


Member of the National Democratic Congress Joseph Yammin has allegedly disclosed that his house has got burnt on Friday, 23rd April 2021 due to the power outages in the country.

The power outages in the country is getting worst as people are calling on the government to do something quick about it, but it has started burning people's property. In some two weeks ago, people shared video of the light going on and off more than 10 times in a minute which shocked them.

Hon Joseph Yammin has stated that due to on and off with low and high voltages of the light in the electric cable, his house has got burnt but the government is still lying to the people of Ghana that, there is no Dumsor in the country.

According to him, his house got burnt today around 5 am in the morning and that made him took pictures of the burnt items and posted them on social media for Ghanaians to see what's going on.

Things that got burnt were mattress and some roofing stuffs in the room according to his post. See pictures below.

"My house on fire this morning due to dumsor but they keep lying to us. This happened around 5am when the lights kept coming on and off with low and high voltages" he said on his facebook wall.

Ghanaians who saw the post has reacted massively to it. See their reactions below.

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