Another Good News From Government To All Trainee Nurses And Midwives In Ghana-Read Details


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The government of Ghana in collaboration with the ministry of health has finally sent another good news to all trainee nurses and midwives across the country who were recently spotted demonstrating over unpaid allowances that sparked massive stir, debates and arguments across all social media platforms.

According to the recent protest by the GNMTA, the students revealed that government hadn’t paid their allowances for the past 8 months whilst claiming how difficult it was for them to fend for themselves, pay their fees and just to mention but a few.

The demonstration by the GNMTA was to create awareness and draw the attention of the government and ministry of health over the unpaid allowances as their plea has been finally answered.

With respect to this, the ministry of health in collaboration with government and finance ministry have finally reacted to the unpaid allowances that led to the unexpected demonstrations by the trainee nurses and midwives across the country.

In a recent press release, the chief director for the ministry of health, Kwabena Boadu in a press statement revealed the good news concerning the processed payment of allowances for continuing students of the various Nurses and midwives schools which will be paid once the ministry of finance for the controller and accountant general releases the funds.

However, Mr Kwabena Boadu also took the privilege to outline how the previous allowances were affected due to the Covid19 pandemic as he indicated that, even though the allowances for continuing students were also paid in 2020.

Below is a look at the recent press statement by the ministry of health that outlined the schedule for unpaid of allowances for 2021.

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